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Sportsman's Paradise 

Real Estate AUCTION


Day: SATURDAY, October 5th, 2019

Time: 11:00am

Auction Location: The Nottoway County Courthouse

300 W. Courthouse Road

Nottoway Courthouse, VA

Property Location: 932 Robertsons Siding Road

Crewe, VA 23930

Up For Auction!


1.0 Acre Home Site

15 Acres of Open Land

36.99 Acres of Woodland

(which includes)

A well stocked pond of approximately 3 acres and an abundance of Deer, Turkeys and Small Game.

Total Acres:  52.99 + / -

The House:

Six (6) Rooms

Two (2) Baths and an

Enclosed porch on the first floor

Two (2) Rooms on the Second Floor

Full Basement used for Storage

It would make a good second or Country Home!

Below are the Full Terms and Conditions

Happy Bidding!

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