Gray Co. Services
We don't only offer auction services, we also offer Porta-John, wash station, and septic tank pumping services as well!.  As long as you are within a thirty mile radius of our location here in Stony Creek, VA.  Whether it's an upcoming event or if you would just like to rent a Porta-John out on the job.  PAJ Services can handle that for you no problem. 
Prices vary on Porta-John and wash stations depending on your location, quantity and whether our services are needed for events or commercial reasons. If you need our services for large events and you are outside of our location radius, some flexibility can be given depending on how far your location is from ours.
Septic tank pumps also run in a thirty mile radius and their price also depends on location 
as well as the size of the tank.
The easiest way to get any information, including prices and/or set up dates for Porta-John or septic tank services, is a phone call straight to Joe Gray.
(Contact information is under our 'Contact  Us' tab)